33 Topics For You Religion Research Paper

Religion is one of the most interesting topics for a research paper. There are a lot of facts and problems of worship. The diversity of religions impress as well. To create a top-grade research paper, you need to pick a mind-blowing theology research paper topics. If you experience a lack of ideas, examine 33 religion subjects for a college research paper below and pick the best one.

Ancient Religion

There is a large variety of ancient religions in the world. If you want to take a deep dive and explore the faith of people who lived a lot of centuries ago, here are some great topics for you.
• Most Widespread Ancient Religions
• Role of Animals in Ancient Egypt Theology
• Ancient Wars in the Name of God
• Nordic Theology and Its Reflection in Paganism
• Religion in Ancient Rome
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This one is the most widespread worship in Europe and America. Feel free to discover the history of this religion and its impact on people. Pick one of the topics below if you need some fresh ideas for a research paper.
• History of Christianity and the Bible
• Role of Men and Women in Christianity
• Impact of Christianity on Mediaeval Europe
• Powerful Christianity Cults
• Characteristics of Saint People


It is the prevalent theology in Asia. Research its peculiarities and discover if it a religion or humans' philosophy.
• Particularities of Buddhism Temples
• Science Point of View on Meditation Practices
• Status of Buddhism Monks in Asian Culture
• Tibet as the World’s Buddhism Center
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Do you want to create a research paper about the second-largest religion in the world? Check out some great topics about this faith below.
• Islam in the World’s History
• Islamic Philosophy
• Role of Family in Islam
• Islam and Everyday Life of Muslims


It is one of the most interesting religion topics to write about. Pick a subject below and create a research paper about the dominant worship in India that gathers over 1.25 billion followers worldwide.
• Human Soul in Hinduism
• Sacred in Hinduism
• Differences Between Hinduism and Islam
• Hinduism in the Life of Modern Indians

Problems of Religion

Doubtless, every religion has some problems and concerns that need to be discussed. Pick one of them below and conduct thorough research.
• Relations Between Church and LGBT Society in Different Cultures
• Place of Worship in the Modern World
• Impact of Religion on Science
• Darvin’s Theory Impact on Religion
• Religion as an Instrument to Control People

Thought-Provoking Topics about Faith

Are you looking for religion research paper topics that can engage a reader and arise some discussions? Check out the topics below!
• Difference Between Religions
• Growing Popularity of Atheism
• Religions without God
• Dangerous Cults
• Modern Religious Tendencies
• Impact of Religion on Laws

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